Effective Family Law Guidance

Handling All Legal Issues Involving Family

Family law often involves a complicated yet delicate mix of family dynamics and legal issues. At Olga J. Rodriguez, P.C., we understand how difficult this can be even under the most civil of circumstances. Each case and family dynamic is unique, but we are committed to providing hands-on services and extensive legal knowledge to provide the best possible legal experience for our clients.

Based in Forest Hills but serving individuals and families throughout Queens, Long Island and the New York City metro area, we take a limited number of cases so that Ms. Rodriguez can provide the time and effort to ensure the best possible outcome. She is a lawyer who is attentive to your individual and family needs. She then develops an effective strategy that resolves the legal issues while having the least possible impact on children and loved ones.

Important Family Law Services

Our founding attorney can provide legal guidance in the following areas:

  • Filing for divorce: We handle uncontested and contested dissolution agreements.
  • Modifications: A family’s needs change over time and agreements may need to be changed.
  • Child custody: This is one of the most contentious and difficult parts of any divorce.
  • Premarital agreements: These documents often provide a solid financial foundation for a couple.
  • Property division: New York is an equitable distribution state, which is not the same as half.
  • Annulments: Different from divorce, this invalidates the marriage instead of terminating it.
  • Child support and spousal support: These arrangements consider income, length of the marriage, ability to work, size of the family and other details.
  • Paternity: This can be helpful in determining child support.
  • Domestic adoption: Helping families with these matters often involves a lot of complicated paperwork.

Court In New York

Mediation or negotiation is often a viable approach to resolving disputes, but sometimes litigation in divorce court or civil court is necessary to reach an equitable arrangement. Divorce litigation is handled by the Supreme Court of the State of New York, and only a Supreme Court judge can grant a divorce. Each county has its own court to handle divorce. There is also the Family Court Division, which handles other family-related legal matters not involving divorce. We tailor our strategy to fit our clients’ needs, but we also strategize based on the different county courts in Queens, Long Island as well as the greater New York metro area.

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