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Expanding A Family Through Adoption

We enjoy providing legal guidance to individuals and families, however helping families through the legal process of adopting children is particularly rewarding. Whether it is adopting an acquaintance, a stepchild or a child who is in foster care, we have the knowledge and the legal experience to make sure this often frustratingly difficult process goes as smooth as possible for you and the child.

Located in Forest Hills, Queens, our firm has helped families deal with different legal matters since 2004. Family law attorney Olga J. Rodriguez has extensive experience helping family units formalize the parent-child bond. The process is dependent on the circumstances involved, but we believe that the rewards far outweigh the challenges involved.

Types Of Adoption Services We Provide

New York has three options for local adoption:

  • Agency adoption: County social services agencies are designed to place children in homes. They assume parental rights through biological parents voluntarily surrendering their rights. It can also be through contested legal proceedings also known as termination of parental rights proceedings. The child can then go through the foster care adoption.
  • Private adoption: A private agency generally gains voluntary consent from the birth parent(s) at the time of birth. The New York State Office of Children and Family Services must license these organizations.
  • Independent adoption: This often refers to adoptive parents gaining consent from the biological parents. This is a common route for family adoption involving stepchildren, grandchildren, other family members or acquaintances who do not go through an agency.

What If A Biological Parent Refuses To Give Consent?

If a child’s birth parent is still alive, they must consent to give up their rights for a proposed adoption. Common with stepparent adoption, obtaining consent of the other parent is often the most difficult part of the adoption process. An experienced adoption lawyer, Olga J. Rodriguez is dedicated to helping families overcome these disputes.

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