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What To Consider In Divorce

Filing for divorce can be one of the most difficult and complicated challenges that a person can face and matters only grow more complex when there are children involved. You need a lawyer who not only understands what you are going through, but who also has the experience and knowledge to protect your rights as an individual and a parent. At Olga J. Rodriguez, P.C., we focus on helping individuals going through a divorce or experiencing a legal dispute involving family.

Located in Forest Hills, we help people in greater Queens, Long Island, as well as elsewhere in the New York City metro area. We understand that each individual client’s needs are unique. We sit down and listen to your goals and concerns, and we then devise a strategy that works toward the best possible outcome.

Issues To Consider In Divorce

There is a range of important matters that need to be discussed and resolved in divorce. These include:

  • Contested or uncontested: Contested means a date divorce court, as well as the additional expense and time that it involves, but it is sometimes necessary. Uncontested is more collaborative.
  • Child custody plans: Often the most contentious issue in divorce proceedings is agreeing upon custody and a workable parenting plan.
  • Child support: The amount is generally based on joint income, number of children and other factors determined by the state of New York, but a lawyer can still be helpful.
  • Property division: We protect your rights to money, assets, retirement plans and property, as well as assigning obligation to any debt that has been accrued.
  • High-asset divorce: We have experience dealing with complex division of assets that includes financial portfolios, pensions, business division and other issues.

Finding Closure After Divorce

Our approach is to counsel and advocate for our clients to work toward an equitable solution, but sometimes going to court is necessary. Founding attorney Olga J. Rodriguez‘s extensive background in litigation is a considerable asset at times like this.

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