Effective Family Law Guidance

Protect Your Right To Stay Involved In Your Child’s Life

Most people going through the process of divorce want to remain active in their children’s lives, but the other spouse may have a different idea of what works for them or their kids. If done right, a parenting plan and child custody will be a fair and balanced arrangement that serves the best interests of the children and is workable for both parents. It can even outline other issues such as grandparent visitation.

Since opening our offices in 2004, Olga J. Rodriguez, P.C., has handled hundreds of custody matters. As an experienced family law attorney, Ms. Rodriguez can draft custody agreements that address the needs of New York families. We have found that it is generally best to agree upon a plan without involving a judge, but sometimes that is unavoidable. Regardless of where the case takes you, Ms. Rodriguez has extensive experience as a family law litigator who ensures that your individual and parental rights are protected, even when there are international custody issues.

Major Issues To Consider In Child Custody

There are different legal matters to discuss with a lawyer regarding your family legal matters, including your child custody arrangement:

  • What type of custody: An order of custody outlines the responsibility of care and control of the children. The courts prefer joint custody, believing this is best for the children, but this may not be the right decision for your family.
  • Where the children are to live: Joint custody gives parents equal say in the raising of the family, but this does not mean that the children spend equal amounts of time with each parent. It may not even be realistic during the school year if parents do not live near each other. A parenting plan can outline the details of the living arrangement.
  • Where the child wants to live: The courts can take this into consideration, but the wishes of the parents are also weighed.
  • Ability and personal history of each parent: We can argue against joint custody or a specific parenting plan if one parent has a history of not being a reliable individual or parent. If there is an incidence of domestic violence, sole custody may be necessary.

A Family’s Needs Will Change

The needs of toddlers are not the same as the needs of teenagers. There is also the matter of children leaving home for college or a career, as a time to end or significantly change the arrangement. Parents also move, change jobs, remarry and sometimes adopt. We can modify your child custody arrangement to address these changes or write them into the original document.

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